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Can patience be Louder than yelling?

How To “Cure” Your Anger In Just 30 Days

Does Your Kid:

  • Ignore What You Say
  • Create Shouting Matches
  • Ignore Punishments and Consequences
  • Have Crying and Yelling Challenges

Take the 30 Day No Yelling Challenge to see how 1,000s of dads are “turning off anger” and learning step-by-step how to turn tantrums into teaching opportunities.

Transform Your Home Life in Just 30 Days:

30 days of easy-to-read, one-minute emails, instead of lengthy courses and videos.

Discover how to enter the “Mental Man Cave” state where you stay calm, cool, and relaxed no matter how hectic the kids are being.

Gain instant access to anti-yelling tools that actually work: Created by real dads, not fancy experts.

Purchase today and get the FREE BONUSES below valued at $39.95:
✔️The Modeling Behavior Blueprint: Acts like a cheat sheet to help you understand your influence on your child's behavior
✔️Quick-Fixes for High-Stress Moments: Prepares you for the craziest of trantrums with pocket sized tips, tricks, and mental hacks
✔️ Guide to Teaching Kids About Emotions: Helps you foster a deeper connection with your kids.
✔️ Anger Trigger Tracker: Helps you master your emotions through self-awareness

Best of all: Know that you're being the best dad and role model for your family you can be!

Hi, I'm Will,

I started A Dad’s Path shortly after becoming a new dad. I had read books on fatherhood, listened to podcasts, taken courses, and watched webinars, everything a good dad should do, but problems still arose.

I was tired from work, then getting mad at myself for getting angry at my son.


I found the solution not through all the books and videos but by meeting other dads. Dads with years of experience, who had actual skin in the game on how to solve the problems instead of experts who based advice on kids’ psychology theories, not on what would actually work


I’ve met more than 150 dads, interviewed each one of them, and found common traits and solutions they found. With that, we created the man-cave technique and other no-yelling tools that actually work! Read on to learn more.

Dear Dad,

Does This Sound Familiar?

You’ve spent the entire day juggling household chores, or maybe working all day. You’re mentally drained and not able to be your best self to control the sitation. And then you walk into the playroom.

Toys are scattered everywhere, snack wrappers are lying around, and it looks like a tornado hit the place. You’ve asked your kids multiple times to clean up, but each time your request has fallen on deaf ears.

So, you can’t help it. You lose your temper and shout:


But do you know what happens next? Something even more unsettling than your outburst.
Your kids enter “fight or flight” mode.
Their brains completely shut down, and they do 1 of 2 things:

1. They enter “flight” mode and get scared, and can even start to fear you more than they love you .

2. They enter “fight” mode and start to rebel, act out, and disobey even more

But what they DON’T do is LEARN anything. So what’s the outcome? More of the same. Every day.

Didn’t Einstein say that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome?”

But there are a few simple ideas in the 30 Day No Yelling Challenge that can change EVERYTHING

Hi, I'm Will

I started A Dad’s Path shortly after becoming a new dad.

I considered myself a good dad, but I wanted to be a great dad.

But as a new father, I didn’t know how to control my anger during moments of extreme stress and frustration.

Especially since I was a full time entrepreneur, I was working 24/7 every single day with no breaks, and income was “shaky” to say the least.

The stress of trying to build a business while raising kids was certainly challenging, and so many situations would cause me to lose my temper.

The idea of using yelling as a quick fix to make everything ‘stop’ was too convenient to give up. I didn’t have the patience to calmly work through issues with my son. 

I found myself in a spiral, getting mad at my son when he misbehaved, then my wife getting mad at me for getting mad, then me getting mad at myself!

So after listening to hundreds of podcasts, reading the latest parenting books, talking to experts, and simply learning from my own mistakes, I had learned what it takes to not just be a good dad, but an amazing father. One who doesn’t need to yell during stressful situations.

I took everything I learned and compiled it into a guide for me to reference whenever I needed a refresher.

And I didn’t do it for you or anyone else, I did it for myself.

The 30 Day No-Yelling Challenge will help you learn how to get your kids to behave with patience and communication rather than yelling.

It equips you with all the tools you need to keep calm, learn from your emotions, and improve into the best dad you could ever be in just 30 days.

So if you’ve tried countless things before that haven’t worked, and you’re scared of letting anger take control, I highly encourage you to take the challenge. We have a 365-day money-back guarantee for a reason!

How To Become Anger “Bullet-Proof”

When you sign up for the challenge today, you’ll receive 30 days of carefully planned email training tips that only take 1 to 2 minutes to read and digest for fast and actionable results each day.

You’ll quickly start to experience:

  • More well behaved kids who want to spend more time with you, do better in school, and help around the house
  • A calmer, quieter, low stress environment at home
  • Being able to “hack” your brain’s anger triggers and become anger ‘bullet-proof’
  • A happier spouse who will love you 10x more for working on yourself for the good of your family
  • A stronger bond with your kids that quickly turns into a lifelong loving relationship


Right now is the best time to tackle your anger once and for all, especially if your kids are at the age where they’re developing permanent, lifelong feelings towards you.

Don’t wait too long and take the risk of letting your anger permanently ruin your relationship with your kids. It’s easier than you think to make rapid improvements and rewire your brain to become anger-free, and it all starts here.

Take the 30 Day No Yelling Challenge starting today for only $29.95 to see how 1,000s of dads are “turning off anger” and learning step-by-step how to turn tantrums into teaching opportunities. This investment in your family’s happiness comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that every dad has the opportunity to experience transformational change.

I hope you’ll join us.



-Will B


A Dad’s Path

Inside Your 30-Day Journey:

30 days of easy-to-read, one-minute emails, instead of lengthy courses and videos.

Gain instant access to anti-yelling tools that actually work: Created by real dads, not fancy experts.

And There's More!

4 FREE Bonus Tools for Your Journey:

Empower emotional growth in your kids with this guide. Learn how to discuss emotions openly, helping your kids navigate their feelings with confidence and empathy.

Find your calm in the chaos. Our Quick-Fixes guide provides instant solutions for those intense parenting moments, helping you to respond with patience.

Identify and overcome your triggers with our interactive worksheet. It’s designed to help you recognize patterns, helping you manage the root causes of anger in your parenting journey.

Master the art of positive modeling with our Behavior Blueprint. It offers actionable steps to demonstrate behaviors that shape responsible, empathetic children.