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  • Comprehensive Dad’s Toolbox: Gain access to a mix of videos, insightful text guides, and practical worksheets.
  • On Demand Lessons: Designed to fit into your hectic schedule, ensuring you have the right tool at hand for every parenting scenario.
  • Balance and Thrive in Fatherhood: Master the delicate art of balancing personal growth with the responsibilities of  being a dad, ensuring you can provide, mentor, and connect with your family without losing your essence.
  • Co-Parent Together: Nurture the relationship with your partner, to keep the spark alive as your children grow
  • Continue Building An Amazing Family: Discover the secrets to bringing it all together, creating lasting memories and traditions.

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There’s no true manual to your first baby for dads. This course is your custom-built guidebook, turning new dad jitters into joy and confidence. It’s the key to unlocking the kind of fatherhood you’ve dreamed of, starting day one.
Think of the course as your personal fatherhood coach, available 24/7! It’s split into five insightful sections. You call the shots on your learning journey, progressing at your own pace and comfort.
From understanding your emotional voyage as a new dad to acing co-parenting, we’ve got you covered! Learn about your baby’s developmental milestones, manage stress, sleep better, and create your own league of extraordinary dads.
You gain immediate access to the first two modules of the course plus two incredible e-books, ‘Dad Control’ and ‘Dad Passion’, loaded with extra tips and tools to rock your dad game. The final 3 modules will be released shortly!