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30 days of easy-to-read, one-minute emails, instead of lengthy courses and videos.

Discover how to enter the “Mental Man Cave” state where you stay calm, cool, and relaxed no matter how hectic the kids are being.

Gain instant access to anti-yelling tools that actually work: Created by real dads, not fancy experts.

Purchase today and get the FREE BONUSES below valued at $39.95:
✔️The Modeling Behavior Blueprint: Acts like a cheat sheet to help you understand your influence on your child's behavior
✔️Quick-Fixes for High-Stress Moments: Prepares you for the craziest of trantrums with pocket sized tips, tricks, and mental hacks
✔️ Guide to Teaching Kids About Emotions: Helps you foster a deeper connection with your kids.
✔️ Anger Trigger Tracker: Helps you master your emotions through self-awareness

Best of all: Know that you're being the best dad and role model for your family you can be!

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Easily integrate your daily insights into your busy schedule with our Audio Companion. It's the perfect match to your email series – listen on the go and stay focused on your no-yelling goal. Simplify your 30-day transformation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The 30 Day No-Anger Challenge is a transformative journey designed for dads who want to replace yelling and anger with patience and effective communication. Over the course of 30 days, you’ll receive daily emails, each with a minute-read tip or tactic, providing you with anti-anger tools and actionable advice to help you become a calmer, more loving father

We value your time as a busy dad. That’s why each daily lesson is designed to be read and digested in just one minute. Simple and quick, but powerful enough to make a lasting impact on your day.

Yes! You’ll gain access to exclusive bonuses like the Modeling Behavior Blueprint, Kids’ Behavior Decoder, Quick-Fixes for High-Stress Moments, Guide to Teaching Kids About Emotions, and the Anger Trigger Tracker. These are designed to further aid in your journey to becoming a more understanding and patient father.

Unlike books and courses that require long hours of reading or watching, this challenge is highly focused and practical. It’s designed for real-life application, giving you daily, bite-sized actions that lead to real change.

Almost Always. As you model calmness and patience, your children learn to mirror these behaviors. Many parents notice a significant improvement in their child’s behavior.

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