Creating Family Traditions
Over the Holidays

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s a good opportunity to make lasting holiday memories for your children. Family holiday traditions are an excellent way for families to create lifelong memories, bond, and spend quality time together. Even if you and your partner have taken on some of your parents’ holiday traditions, you may also want to start some of your own.
A good holiday activity plan can help you structure your family’s time and make the holidays joyful for everyone while staying within your budget. It can also help create opportunities for secure attachment while having fun. So, here are a few ideas for creating family traditions over the holidays that are meaningful, fun, and simple.

Look After

One of our top rules at A Dad’s Path is that if you don’t take care of yourself, you will not be able to be a good dad. And it’s easy for us busy dads to neglect our own needs! Self-care is an essential component of our mental and physical health and well- being. So even though our holiday social calendars are crammed, it’s important to remember to put yourself first and find some time to be alone.
Try yoga or mindfulness meditation. Focus on getting enough sleep. You will likely have days you may indulge in food or drink. So the days you don’t, try to be healthier. Use your calories wisely.
One of the blessings of the holidays is the joy they give your kids. The lights, music, food, and family. All of it. Feed off of their happiness.
Spend time with your children, start a new holiday tradition, and participate in various activities together.
Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself! The holidays are a stressful time. You might mess up. It happens to all of us. The important thing is to get back up and keep on going. Dad On!

Plan Holiday
Movie Nightsr

During the holiday season, we all enjoy watching holiday movies. So, turn this enjoyable routine into a family holiday tradition by letting each family member choose a holiday movie for the family. And make sure you have some movie snacks on hand!

Contact your Loved Ones

The holidays are an excellent time to visit family and bond with the people you care about. Write real letters. Set up Zoom or Facetime calls with your family. Many of us fondly look back at being in touch with family members, even when it wasn’t possible to see them.


For many people, the holidays may be a difficult time of year. So, ask local organizations how you can help, and encourage your kids, depending on their age, to watch or assist you when you help people in your community. Also, encourage your kids to donate any unwanted toys, books, or clothes.