Connecting with your

It can be hard to keep a relationship with your partner intact once you have kids. Many couples spend a lot of time on the “logistics of marriage,” trying to figure out who takes the kids where, makes lunches, and cleans the house.
So, how do you keep that *spark* alive when everything is about your little ones, and you may not even be able to go out on dates?
Here are five date night ideas when it’s hard to go out to help you maintain connection and have fun with your spouse.

Cook Dinner Together

It’s possible to have just as much fun (and save some money) by cooking a meal together instead of going out and then sharing it with your significant other in a cozy setting (candles and a fireplace are never overrated).
Throw a travel-themed dinner party by cooking meals from around the world or from the places you visit. Or try to recreate a favorite meal you’ve shared in the past. Or plan a picnic for two on your backyard lawn, bedroom, or balcony for a romantic evening.

Have a Movie Night at Home

Take a break from children’s movies and choose something 18+ for when you put your kids to bed. Pick your film before the date night and prepare some snacks you both love.