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Calling all first-time fathers! Launch into dad life like a pro with a 30-day course taught by dads, for dads.

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Why you should join the 30-Day Challenge course:

By Dads, For Dads

Founded by a fellow father with on-the-ground experience and realistic, functional advice.

Fits Your Busy Schedule

Take the course on your own time and at your own pace, without taking much time out of your day.

Actually Effective

Learn practical advice via resources like: kids’ behavior decoder, anger trigger tracker, and so much more.

What’s Included

In addition to 30 daily, five-minute emails and 15 no-yelling tools, you’ll also get:

Modeling Behavior Blueprint

Acts like a cheat sheet to help you understand your influence on your child's behavior.

Quick Fixes for High-Stress Moments

Prepares you for the craziest of trantrums with pocket sized tips, tricks, and mental hacks.

Guide to Teaching Kids About Emotions

Helps you foster a deeper connection with your kids.

Anger Trigger Tracker

Identify and overcome your triggers with our interactive worksheet. It’s designed to help you recognize patterns, helping you manage the root causes of anger in your parenting journey.

The 30-Day Challenge

Become a better father with an exclusive parenting course taught by the host of A Dad's Path, a podcast with over 1,000 5-star reviews.

Course materials include:

📥 Informative, digestible daily emails

📖 Helpful Ebooks to help you control your temper

📝 Interactive anger tracker

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Join thousands of other fathers on journeys to becoming better dads.

I loved your ebook on being more patient. The idea of walking away when you need to is one of several I still use!

Ian, Brooklyn, NY

Will's course got me as prepared as I could be to be a dad. Highly recommend it!

Bryan, San Diego, CA

Each week I got a dose of A Dad's Path to get me ready for the little one arriving. Thank you!

Noah, Denver, CO

A Note From Our Founder

I'm Will, the Founder of A Dad’s Path, where I’ve distilled my journey to becoming the best dad into a one-stop hub for mastering fatherhood.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

A Dad’s Path = The Best Path

In addition to 30 daily, five-minute emails and 15 no-yelling tools, you’ll also get:



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Up to $99 a year

Designed by dads,
for dads

Daily 5-minute

15 no-yelling tools

Led by host of A Dad’s Path

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There’s no true manual to your first baby for dads. This course is your custom-built guidebook, turning new dad jitters into joy and confidence. It’s the key to unlocking the kind of fatherhood you’ve dreamed of, starting day one.


This challenge is specifically designed for fathers who wish to create a calmer home environment and develop a stronger, more positive relationship with their children.

Participants receive daily emails containing practical tips and strategies to help them avoid yelling and manage their anger more effectively.

Benefits include improved relationships with children, a more peaceful home environment, and personal growth in anger management and effective parenting.

Yes, the challenge includes free bonuses such as guides and tools to support better parenting practices.

The program offers a money-back guarantee to ensure satisfaction and effectiveness.

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee